The Recovery Center of Ohio Implements Program Phases to Enhance Client Recovery Process

The Recovery Center of Ohio team is thrilled to announce the introduction of new program phases designed to assist clients in navigating the various stages of recovery. This initiative, spearheaded by RCOO’s Director of Partial Hospitalization Program, Taylor Mason, and State Housing Director, Brandy Wilson, aims to provide clients with a structured framework to guide them through their recovery journey.

Taylor Mason emphasized the significance of these program phases, stating, “The phases give clients the ability to slow down and hone in on what brought them to treatment and how they can live free from the use of substances. Each phase focuses on different aspects of self to become a healthy, self-loving version of themselves. I feel passionate and excited about this positive change as it will encourage our clients to focus inward to have a positive outward expression of self.” Brandy Wilson also expressed her enthusiasm for the new program structure, saying, “I’m excited about incorporating this new structure at RCOO. This allows our clients to do the internal work throughout each phase of their recovery. We’ll be celebrating their hard work and dedication to their recovery throughout each phase change for motivation and encouragement!”

The collaborative efforts of Taylor Mason, Brandy Wilson, and the leadership team at RCOO have resulted in the implementation of a comprehensive program that prioritizes individual growth and self-discovery.

By offering a supportive environment for clients to engage in introspection and personal development, The Recovery Center of Ohio is committed to empowering individuals on their path to recovery.

Community is at the Heart of Recovery!

For additional information about the Recovery Center of Ohio’s programs and services, individuals are encouraged to connect with the team at 833-697-7900.

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