The Recovery Center of Ohio (Cincinnati) Joins Hamilton County Public Health in the Recovery Friendly Hamilton County Initiative (RFHC)

Cincinnati, Ohio – In a significant collaboration aimed at addressing substance use disorder in the workplace, The Recovery Center of Ohio (Cincinnati) has partnered with Hamilton County Public Health to partake in the Recovery Friendly Hamilton County Initiative (RFHC).

This innovative initiative, spearheaded by Hamilton County Public Health, brings together The Recovery Center of Ohio (Cincinnati), the Hamilton County Administration, the Board of County Commissioners, and several local businesses in a united effort to provide employees and their families with the necessary resources and support for recovery from substance use disorder.

By participating in this initiative, we aim to cultivate an environment where employers, employees, and communities collaborate to break down barriers for those affected by substance use. Committed to prioritizing employee well-being, safety, and productivity, we actively educate and support our team. In order to achieve a high level of employee
health, safety, and productivity, we will educate, share resources with, and encourage all employees to reach out for help and support.

The Recovery Center of Ohio (Cincinnati) is committed to playing a pivotal role in this initiative by offering comprehensive resources to its staff, including information on local substance use disorder treatment and recovery programs.

The RFHC program, born out of the vision of Hamilton County Public Health, not only aims to equip local employers with tools to combat substance use disorder but also seeks to champion individuals in recovery and challenge the societal stigma associated with addiction. Through meticulous research and collaborative efforts, RFHC is poised to become a model for other recovery-friendly workplace initiatives nationwide.

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