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Accessible Treatment through Mobile Services

The Recovery Center of Maryland’s Mobile Treatment Services (MTS) Program consists of community-based, intensive, outpatient services. Mobile treatment services offer a lifeline to individuals facing intensive mental health challenges, multiple incarcerations, or battling substance use dependency, providing a flexible and accessible avenue for tailored support, ensuring that vital care reaches those who need it most, wherever they may be.

Our Mobile Treatment Services are designed to assist adults with persistent Substance Use Disorder and/or Mental Health challenges requiring intensive interventions to remain compliant in their respective program(s).

Our MTS program was created to support the SUD services implemented by other facilities by bringing Mental Health services to clients with qualifying diagnoses (e.g., having a history of mental health hospitalizations or incarcerations, having trouble remaining engaged in their programming).

We are able to provide the following services to clients in their natural environment:

Medication Management
Vocational Assistance
Case Management
Therapy Services

Mobile Treatment Services (MTS) is designed to assist adults with persistent mental health and/or substance abuse issues that require intensive interventions to remain stable in the community due to one or more of the following additional difficulties:

  • Numerous visits or admissions to the hospital
  • Repeated jail time, homelessness
  • Difficulties with interpersonal relationships
  • Thoughts of hurting themselves or others
  • Feeling like people are out to get them
  • Hearing things other people can’t hear
  • Financial issues
  • Medication and medical problems

The Mobile Treatment Services (MTS) aims to enhance the quality of life of clients by helping them become functional members of society.

Our team is motivated by helping individuals live independently and reach their full potential.

Treatment empowers individuals to improve and stabilize symptoms, physical health, housing, employment, and social opportunities while simultaneously reducing hospitalizations and legal problems. Treatment is primarily in the community but does include clinic-based services. The MTS Team consists of a nurse practitioner, mental health professionals, a Substance Use Disorder counselor, a psychiatrist, and a Peer Support Specialist.

Disclaimer: Our MTS Program is not designed to take clients away from their respective programs, but to provide additional services.

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