Introducing Steven Schreiber, MPA: The New Executive Director of The Recovery Center of Maryland

The Recovery Center of Maryland (RCOM) is thrilled to announce the appointment of Steven Schreiber, MPA, as our new Executive Director. With a passion for helping individuals achieve their sobriety and mental health goals, Steven brings a wealth of experience and a driving force behind his commitment to making a difference in people’s lives.

Throughout his life and career, Steven has been dedicated to work that empowers individuals to reach their full potential. He understands that the journey of recovery is not just about overcoming addiction; it’s a process of rebuilding relationships, with family, friends, and with oneself. This transformative process aligns with Steven’s belief in the inherent capacity for growth and the value of every individual. He firmly believes that everyone deserves the opportunity to feel a sense of self-worth and contribute positively to the world.

As the new Executive Director, Steven is excited about the opportunity to lead the RCOM team in turning their hopes and dreams for the organization into a tangible reality. He recognizes that Maryland, particularly Baltimore City, offers a wide range of services to meet immediate needs but often lacks interventions to support individuals in their journey from one step of treatment to another. Steven’s vision is to ensure that RCOM provides a clear, accessible, and seamless path for individuals, helping them develop coping strategies, build networks, and acquire independent living skills necessary for successful reintegration into their communities.

Drawing from his extensive experience in healthcare management and operations, Steven is eager to bring his expertise to the RCOM team. He understands the importance of establishing standard procedures that create a foundation of predictability, scalability, and sustainability within the organization. By implementing these protocols, he aims to provide the RCOM professionals with the mental and emotional space needed to tackle new challenges with clarity and sound judgment. Ultimately, this approach will enhance safety, satisfaction, and outcomes for the clients served by RCOM.

Steven’s leadership style revolves around building connections and fostering a sense of pride and excellence among the team. He recognizes the passion, dedication, and skill present within RCOM and RCOUSA, and he is excited about learning from the team and harnessing their energy. Steven sees his role as a facilitator, not someone with all the answers. He values listening, synthesizing ideas, charting a path forward, and motivating the team to stay committed to their mission of serving the unique needs of their clients.

With Steven Schreiber at the helm, The Recovery Center of Maryland is poised to make significant strides in helping individuals overcome addiction, achieve sobriety, and improve their mental well-being. The organization looks forward to a future filled with growth, positive impact, and continued dedication to supporting individuals on their recovery journey.

If you or someone you know is battling substance use disorder or acute mental health challenges, our team is here to help!

Give our Maryland Team a call today at 443-885-9810 or start the admission process by submitting an online referral form!


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